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Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian

What if you were a quite bad-looking clumsy boy at the junior high school? Very few people looked decent at that age. And what if you had braces, acne and your mom forced you to dress awful plaid sweaters? You probably weren't the only one!
But what if your long time school mate, one day, takes your old picture from the school book and make one of the most hilarious memes on the net out of it, taking you as an emblem of a dorky nerd? This is how Kyle Craven, nowadays a normal American construction worker, has become "Bad Luck Brian".

The Bad Luck Brian meme is the best tool to picture an awkward situation, in which bad luck rages against you (or better, against the poor Brian!) so strong that the outcome is even funny. We all experience directly or indirectly embarrassing events that are so incredible that become party stories. From now on, you will not have to save them anymore for the next occasion: you can simply make a meme out of them!

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Everybody had a Bad Luck Brian in his class… or maybe it was you? From today, your Bad Luck Brian will be always with you, thanks to Meme Generator. Creating your own dorky meme is incredibly easy: even the clumsiest boy would manage! Just click on the button create a Bad Luck Brian image and sum up your story in 2 main captions that you will see on top and at the bottom of the image. You can create as many memes as you want, since the service is completely free. Once you have a nice meme, share it with your friends but be sure it is really funny. You do not want to have your dedicated Bad Luck Brian Meme: "shares a meme - nobody laughs!"


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