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Welcome to he.memegenerator.net (Hereinafter: "he", "The Site" or "The Web Site"). Use of this site is governed by the Terms and Conditions set forth. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEB SITE.


The section headings used in this agreement are solely for the convenience of the reader and shall not be given any legal import.

The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer and any or all agreements: "User", "You" and "Your" refers to you, the person accessing this website and accepting the Company's terms and conditions. "The Company", "The Site", "The Web Site", "We" and "Us", refers to our Company. "Party", "Parties", or ""Us", refers to both the users and the web site, or either the user or the web site. All terms refer to the offer, acceptance, consideration or payment necessary to undertake the process of our assistance to the user in the most appropriate manner, whether by formal meetings of a fixed duration, or any means, for the express purpose of meeting the user's needs in respect of provision of the web site's stated services/products, in accordance with and subject to prevailing Israeli Law. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable.

The content provided by he.memegenerator.net may be used for entertainment purposes only. By using, accessing or downloading materials from this website you agree to follow the terms and provisions as outlined in this legal notice, which apply to all visits to the memegenerator website, both now and in the future. The website may, at any time change, edit, revise and update the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You are encouraged to periodically visit this page to review the most current Terms and Conditions by which you are bound. If you do not agree to these Terms and Condition, please do not use this website.



2.2. This web site is based in Israel, and is conducted by and under the laws of the State of Israel. The purpose of the site is to provide a platform for sharing humoristic and satiric materials.

2.3. These conditions apply to the use of the contents contained on the web site through a computer or any other communication device (including, but not limited to a mobile and cellular phones, PDA's and other various end-user devices). These terms and conditions also apply to the use of the site through the internet or any network or other means of communication.

2.4. memegenerator reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without obtaining the user's consent. You are encouraged to read these terms and conditions in your future visits to the web site, and to be always updated about the terms and conditions of use in this web site.

2.5. Regarding any question on the use of the site you may contact memegenerator's representatives’ email at info@he.memegenerator.net.


3.1. You agree that your use of this site, your reliance on any material contained in this site and any uploads, comments or any other information you may gain, use or give on this site, are at your own risk.

3.2. memegenerator will take efforts to make the site and all the materials in it free of malicious programs and/or viruses. However, the web site and all the materials in it are provided "as is" and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, are provided without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. This means, without limitation, that memegenerator DOES NOT WARRANT that the web site is fit for any particular purpose; that the functions contained in the materials of the site will be uninterrupted; that defects will be corrected; that the site is free of viruses and other harmful components or that the site is accurate, error free or reliable.

3.3. You acknowledge that memegenerator and third party content providers, their partners and affiliates together with their respective employees, agents, directors, officers and shareholders, ARE NOT LIABLE for any delays, inaccuracies, failures, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, viruses, communication line failures or for the theft, destruction, damage or unauthorized access to your computer system or network.

3.4. You acknowledge that memegenerator is not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct or material found in connection with this site, including such conduct or material transmitted by any means by any other person.

3.5. You acknowledge that memegenerator and third party content providers are not liable for any damages, including, without limitation, direct, incidental, special, and consequential or punitive damages, in connection with or arising from your use or from your inability to use the site.

3.6. With respect to any content provided by you and/or users or other submissions, memegenerator is merely a distributor of such content. memegenerator is not and will not be responsible for any content submitted by users or other third parties, including opinions, judgments, advice, statements, pictures, designs, trademarks, texts, services or any other kind of information. memegenerator shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any reliance upon such information obtained and/or uploaded through the web site. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content.


4.1. memegenerator does everything it can to ensure the credibility and accuracy of the information contained on the site, but it cannot guarantee reliability and accuracy of such information. If you discover inaccuracy in such information, please notify us about it at: info@he.memegenerator.net.

4.2. memegenerator reserves the sole right to make any changes to the web site at any time for any reason, without prior notice, without your consent and/or knowledge and without any liability for such changes.

4.3. memegenerator may close the site and/or change it from time to time, change the content, structure, appearance and availability of services provided, without prior notice, without your consent and/or knowledge and without any liability for such changes and acts.


5.1. You and/or anyone on your behalf will not operate or allow operation of or upload any computer application or program or any other means or measures (including but not limited to Worms, Crawlers, Viruses, Trojan horses and Robots), for searching, scanning, copying or automatic retrieval of content from the web site. You expressly agree not to create and not to use any means to create a digest, as stated, or a collection reservoir that will contain content from the web site.

5.2. You and/or anyone on your behalf acknowledge that it is strictly prohibited to make changes to or copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, issue a license, create derivative works from or sell an item, information, software, products or services from the site.

5.3. The website contains areas in which users may upload content of any kind (such as photographs or written content), write reviews, communicate with each other and/or with the website (Hereinafter: "Communication Services").

5.4. You hereby agree to use the site, as well as the Communication Services only to provide and/or receive information and material that are proper. When using the website, among other forbidden uses, you expressly agree not to:

5.5. You acknowledge that communication and information to and from the web site are not confidential.


6.1. This site may contain and/or include hyperlinks, links and feeds that provide information and services, including but not limited to commercial materials, websites with other content (hereinafter: "the links"), to information resources or other resources located on other websites (hereinafter: "other sources").

6.2. The links are provided on the website solely for your convenience and the inclusion of the links in the web site does not imply any authorization and or a "seal of approval" for the content, data or information of any kind published in the links.

6.3. memegenerator is unable to control any of the content, data or information of any kind that is published in the links, and therefore memegenerator is not responsible for such content, data or information.

6.4. There is no guarantee that all links on memegenerator will lead to active web sites.

6.5. Without derogating from the above, memegenerator will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, caused to you or your property resulting from using or relying on the content, data or information from the links. memegenerator will not be held liable for any indirect or direct damage due to your use of or reliance on information posted on the web site by any third party.


7.1. memegenerator tends to maintain an adequate and safe operational level of the website and services provided to the User. Please report any problems and/or offensive content and/or any breach of policy.

7.2. It is memegenerator's intent to make sure that the services offered on the site do not violate copyright, trademark rights or any other rights of any third party. If you are concerned that such rights have been infringed, please send a message as soon as possible to e-mail:info@he.memegenerator.net.

7.3. memegenerator cannot ensure that users on the site have the rights to material, information and other content uploaded by them to the site, thus we will need your help to identify items that violate rights.

7.4. Without derogating from the aforementioned, memegenerator is a website intended solely for humor and satire purposes and the complete content on the website is therefore protected under Fair Use, as stipulated by Israeli copyright law.


8.1. memegenerator cannot and does not monitor or review any information uploaded to the web site or information automatically uploaded to the site.

8.2. memegenerator encourages freedom of expression and the existence of a fruitful dialogue on the site, with active participation of users on the site. However, in order to allow the existence of a cultural dialogue and to prevent the abuse of freedom of expression on the site, memegenerator reserves the right to remove any content that infringes third party rights whether through breach of copyright, intellectual property rights trademarks, slander, violation of privacy, publication of pornographic content that may be inappropriate to minors, harm to the good name and reputation of third parties and the like.

8.3. memegenerator may turn away users and block access to users, without any need to provide a reason or explanation, if such user content infringes third party rights through the breach of copyright, intellectual property rights trademarks, slander, violation of privacy, publication of pornographic content that may be inappropriate to minors, harm to the good name and reputation of third parties and the like.

8.4. memegenerator reserves the right, at all times, to disclose any information to others who require from it by law, as well as the right to edit, remove, refuse to upload to the site or publish on the site any content, data or information which memegenerator believes to be offensive or in violation of terms of this agreement.

8.5. memegenerator does not sponsor any user content nor provide an opinion as to the correctness or accuracy of the statements, advice or other information displayed on the web site by various users or any third party. You acknowledge and are aware that any reliance on statements, opinions, advice or other information displayed on the site is made according to your opinion and at your own risk.

8.6. memegenerator may refuse to publish content that violates the above and/or may damage the site and/or any third party, and reserves the right to delete such content at any time.

8.7. memegenerator is not obligated to retain information uploaded to the site. memegenerator is not obligated to continue publishing information published on the site.

8.8. memegenerator recommends you to be extra cautious in connection with the content published by you or by others on the web site. Information on the website does not constitute professional advice, and is not to be taken as such.

8.9. As mentioned above, your use or reliance on any information, content or data that is on the web site will be at your own risk.


9.1. You agree that any action performed by you through this web site, does not violate the laws of the territory you are using this web site from.


10.1. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless memegenerator, its partners and affiliates together with their respective employees, agents, directors, officers and shareholders, from and against all the liabilities, claims, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees and costs) arising from your use of this site; your failure to use the site; your breach or alleged breach of this agreement or your breach or alleged breach of the copyright, trademark, proprietary or other rights of any third party.


11.1. Your privacy is of extreme importance to memegenerator.

11.2. memegenerator makes reasonable efforts under the circumstances to protect the user information and privacy. However, because of the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee full protection for this information.

11.3. The data you provide when registering to the site will be stored in the computerized database of the site.

11.4. memegenerator will not sell and take the user's personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent.

11.5. User exempts memegenerator from any responsibility for any injury or damage direct or indirect, financial or otherwise, caused as a result of user-leaked information, regardless of the cause of the leak.


12.1. All content in the web site is the property of memegenerator. It is forbidden to copy or publish any part of any page or content without the prior written consent of memegenerator.

12.2. All of the designs, text, illustrations, implementation, source code and any other content and/or material contained (whether visible or hidden) in the web site, are copyrighted material of memegenerator and/or third party content providers and/or business partners of memegenerator.

12.3. The web site and the contents thereof are protected by the copyright laws of the State of Israel, international conventions, copyright laws and the copyright laws of other countries. The content in the web site is meant solely for personal use and non-commercial advertisements.

12.4. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, publicly display, translate or give to a third party any part of the protected material without obtaining the prior written consent of memegenerator.

12.5. By submitting and uploading content to the web site, you represent to memegenerator that you are the rightful owner of such content or that you have first obtained permission to submit the content from its rightful owner. Moreover: by submitting and uploading content to the web site you hereby grant memegenerator a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free license to: copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat such content without having any obligation to mention User’s name on and/or in connection to such content (The "License"). The License will terminate only when the User will delete the uploaded and/or submitted content. The termination of the license will not affect any sub-license granted by memegenerator and/or any obligation to any third party that was made prior to the termination of the license.

12.6. memegenerator's name, its logos, registered and unregistered trademarks, are the exclusive property of memegenerator. All other logos, registered and unregistered trademarks, service marks and trade names that are on the web site are the intellectual property of their respective owners. You expressly agree not to copy, download or otherwise exploit all of the aforementioned trademarks without the permission of memegenerator or the respective owner of such logo, trademark, service mark or trade name.

12.7. Without derogating from the aforementioned, you hereby acknowledge and agree that even if a User has uploaded infringing content to the website, memegenerator is protected from any claim under the Fair Use doctrine, as the content on the site is for humoristic and satiric use.


13.1. memegenerator responds to notices of alleged infringement that comply with Intellectual Property, Copyright, Privacy and Libel laws. As part of our response, we may remove or disable access to content and/or material residing on the web site that is claimed to be infringing and/or defamatory, libelous, or is an invasion of privacy or publicity rights.

13.2. When serving a Notice of Infringing Material, please define exactly what right has been infringed (such as Copyright, Defamatory or Libel, Invasion of Privacy).

13.3. memegenerator shall disable or remove access to any content and/or material residing on its servers, within 72 hours after it has received a Notice of Infringing Material.

13.4. memegenerator will attempt to contact the person who submitted the alleged infringing content and/or material.

13.5. Before serving a Notice of Infringing Material, we encourage you to contact a lawyer to better understand your rights and obligations under the applicable laws.

13.6. The following notice requirements are intended to comply with memegenerator's rights and obligations under the applicable laws and do not constitute legal advice.

13.7. A Notice of Infringing Material regarding content and/or material that is residing on memegenerator's servers, should include the following details:

13.8. Send such notice, including all the information detailed above to info@he.memegenerator.net. If any information is lacking memegenerator will not be able to investigate your claim and it will be your sole responsibility to complete the information in order for it to be dealt with by memegenerator.


14.1. The web site includes commercial content such as advertisements and marketing material that are posted on behalf of various service providers, advertisers or users, who seek to offer goods or services for sale ("Marketing Material"). Marketing Material may be expressed by text, images or sounds.

14.2. memegenerator will not be held responsible for Marketing Material posted on the web site.

14.3. memegenerator does not create, monitor, verify or edit the Marketing Material and/or the correctness and/or the appropriateness of such Marketing Material. The responsibility for any Marketing Material and for any consequence of user reliance on such Marketing Material. The fact that third parties are capable of posting such Marketing Material on the web site does not mean that memegenerator recommends and/or encourages the Users to purchase the services, the goods or the services offered in such Marketing Material.

14.4. Any transaction made further to Marketing Material posted on the site shall be negotiated directly between the User and the relevant advertiser. memegenerator shall not be a party to any such transaction and it shall not be held responsible for any of the goods and/or services offered in or purchased based on such Marketing Material.


15.1. You may use memegenerator anonymously without signing in and creating an account. However, certain content and actions may only be available if you create and account and provide memegenerator with certain personal information, such as your e-mail address, your personal address details (such as state, country, province, city, street name and number and zip code) and the like.

15.2. memegenerator does its best to keep your information confidential. In order to better understand what kind of information we collect and the way we use such information, please refer to our privacy policy.


16.1. memegenerator reserves the right to immediately terminate your use of or access to this site at any time if memegenerator decides at its sole discretion that you have breached this agreement or any relevant law, rule or regulation or you have engaged in conduct that memegenerator considers to be inappropriate or unacceptable.


17.1. This Agreement and any operating rules for the website established by memegenerator constitute the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior written and oral understandings and agreements between the parties with respect to such subject matter.

17.2. This agreement shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel, without giving effect to any conflicts of law principles.

17.3. Any dispute which may arise between the parties, including disputes concerning the use of the web site and/or concerning these terms and conditions, as well as the specific online agreements relating to certain services on the web site, shall be brought before an arbitrator who is an attorney proficient in the field of electronic commerce and internet law, and whose identity shall be determined by the chairman of the Israel Bar at the request of any of the parties.

18. Contact

18.1. If you believe that any material contained in this site infringes your rights, you should notify memegenerator of your right infringement. memegenerator will process notices of alleged infringement which it receives and will take appropriate action as required by law. Please send your claims about any rights infringement to this address: