More importantly they say it's because they're "fighting" terrorism, whereas actually more than 50% of the victims are civilians.


We go out of way our way to protect civilians, the coward terrorists attack civilians big difference


@Anonymous416279394 Typical Islamophobe asshole who can't accept the truth and keeps defending the atrocities of his country
(Both America & Europe). Please, accept reality or fuck off.


Palestine isn't a country.. it's a terrorist "state"


@Anonymous473643692 Oh hi IsraHELL.


Clearly, we're doing a public service by bombing theese places. They breed like rabbits, so someones gotta cull the herd.


@Anonymous-1138168190 Stupid fool. I'll invade America in the name of fighting KKK and other organizations, kill 2,000,000 civilians and then say "I was only killing the radicals!"




One attack is too many. 9/11 was one attack and was over 3000 people. We watch videos of people being beheaded and blown up in the name of ISLAM. Don't put the blame on the victims or this country. If we have become ISLAMAPHOBES it's because ISLAM won't take care of getting rid of it's own homegrown terrorists. 20 years ago no one gave a rats ass about ISLAM and their religion. They have brought it upon themselves. If the ideology is to convert to ISLAM or die, then we the ISLAMPHOBES will do our best to wipe you out first. You started the fight. America doesn't care what happens to the pile of 3rd world, uneducated, radical extremists who treat women like dog shit. What a wonderful religion of tolerance. And yes you will probably berate everything I said. Won't change my mind or the rest of proud ISLAMOPHOBES that care about humanity and peoples right to exist without worrying about your stupid ass religions.


Yeah Islamophobes want "peace" check it out:

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@Anonymous315118642 LMAO Nice drama, pathetic AmerCUNT.


kill yourself guy blank kill yourself guy blank